Top 7 Health Benefits of Spring Water

Benefits of Spring Water

Top 7 Health Benefits of Spring Water

Water is an essential life-giving drink that you need regularly in order to maintain the fluid balance in your body and stay well-hydrated throughout the day. But are you drinking safe water with essential nutrients in water with no toxins? Think wisely, this is the perfect time to change your drinking water. There are many benefits of consuming spring water that we will discuss later.  While your Tap water may contain some toxins like chloride, fluoride, or any carcinogenic agents, so rather check its pH level for safe drinking. Some lethal problems that may arise due to the consumption of tap water are given below.

Lethal Problems Due to The Consumption of Tap Water

  • May contain lead and aluminum, which can be lethal, especially to children.
  • Chlorine by-products that are linked to colon cancer and bladder cancer, especially in men and postmenopausal women.
  • Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) including haloacetic acids and trihalomethane, caused by chlorine interacting with natural organic matter, and known to be carcinogenic.
  • Runoff pesticides sprayed on UK farmland annually and which end up in rivers, lakes, ponds, and eventually in our drinking water
  • Hormones excreted by women on hormone replacement therapy treatment or contraceptive pills, which contaminate the water with the estrogens.
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So you might be thinking which water is the safest of all of the water or their resources that are available. Spring water also referred to as freshwater, organic water, unprocessed/live water, bottled water delivery in Atlanta, or even just rainfall water. It is one of the natural and purest forms of water available on Earth. It is free of all contaminants that come with tap water, such as copper or lead, bacteria or other toxins that are picked up from pipes it passes through.

My Gluttony brings you the top 7 benefits of spring water.

Benefits of Spring Water

Benefits of Spring Water

Spring Water Gives You Critical Nutrients You Need in Water

Natural spring water has many advantages over your regular tap water and one of them is they are rich in nutrients. when the water from spring or natural fountains are passed through the soil, it also passes through the microbes and micro-organisms that exist within the soil. Due to its new chemical makeup, the water naturally gravitates upward toward the sun through spring, the path of least resistance. Now with its additional ingredients, your body will benefit from its natural organisms.

Spring Water Contains More Good Oxygen That Your Body Needs

Oxygen levels in our body must be maintained and we must intake good oxygen-rich substances to keep our body healthy. Our body needs 80% water, with our brain alone needing to be 90% water from our overall consumption. Without it, our body has a harder time focusing and eliminating diseases. Plus, your blood absorbs inhaled oxygen, and then it reacts with food (sugars) to produce energy and heat, known as metabolism. So less water tends to, slower metabolism state of the body.

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Spring Water is Toxin Free

Spring water is naturally toxin-free as it is not associated with any form of chemicals or metals or metal oxides. And all the microbes and essential nutrients that are present in it help to be in a neutral state. Thus safe for human consumption.

Spring Water is The Most Pure and Natural Form of Water You Can Get

This form of water is purest and the cleanest form, as it is produced as well as purified from mother earth. The harmful ingredients are naturally filtered by nature (soil). It comes directly from a purified source so less toxic and more natural nutrients.

Spring Water Have Neutral PH Level

Standing for the power of hydrogen, pH falls on a scale between 1 and 14, with 7 being ideal or neutral. Most health experts agree that your pH balance is essential to living a healthy life. Typically, people are too acidic, meaning they fall somewhere between 1 and 6 on the scale.

You’ll find beverages like carbonated water, club soda, and energy drinks on the acidic end of the scale, while tap, spring, sea, and river water are the perfect neutral 7. By drinking more spring water, you balance an over-acidic system and bring your body back to vitality, which helps balance all your other bodily systems.

Spring Water Can Help With Addictions

One study found that people with long-term heroin, cocaine, or alcohol addictions generally do not want to drink water. When the doctor had them drink high-quality spring water, their addictions were reduced. The same cure can be said of people addicted to salt, caffeine, and nicotine. A little water can go a long way!

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Spring Water Tastes Great

The taste of spring water is the best. Unlike any other carbonated or artificially purified water, it tastes extremely light, sweet, a little bit salty and way natural than the other bottled water. Adding it with your tea and coffee will taste much better as well.

Spring Water

Important Instructions

While buying spring water always go for glass bottled spring water rather than the plastic bottle, so that there is no leaching of chemicals from the plastic. If you do not want to buy bottled water, then invest in a bottled water cooler from London’s premier water company, Living-Water, which dispenses Living Spring Water, sourced from and bottled in the geologically famous Wenlock range.

In this post, we tell you Interesting 7 Health Benefits of Spring Water. We are continuously updating our blog to give you knowledge of recipes. We love comments. If you have anything to share please use the comment box.